Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Mexico Day 07 – Oct 17 Beatty again

I hate to keep mentioning how great the weather is on this ride, continuous sunshine while it's raining non-stop at home. Plus, according to the Weather Channel more than a few of you are experiencing tornadoes and hurricanes...eww. I'll be getting my share of the wet stuff in another day or two so I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can. 

I'm back in Beatty, NV this afternoon after an easy ride of less than 400 miles. I'd say what the actual mileage was but I'd have to pause this and go to Google Maps, etc. and it really doesn't matter, eh? 

This morning I woofed down a Big Breakfast at McDonald's; then got back on track and headed west towards Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. Not much occurred to write about until I spotted the little town of Seligman, famous as a historic site for the old Route 66 highway. Having never been there and with plenty of time to spare I bailed off the freeway for a look.

As might be expected the folks who live in Seligman long ago learned to capitalize on their little town's history so the place is comprised of non-stop tourist traps and old motels. Tour buses were everywhere plus RV's full of old blue-hairs, many of whom were wandering in the street oblivious of motor traffic. It was fun riding through and taking pics but I resisted the stop-to-shop urge and only stayed a short time.

Seligman's main drag looking west

Tourist traps await all who enter here

The Supai Motel - izzat Japanese?

Motel 66 - the real deal

With Seligman under my belt I continued through the Las Vegas area and on north. My lunch stop was way out in the sticks at a place called Indian Valley, complete with the usual casino. I scarfed down a double Snickers with a 20 oz bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water, Tropical Citrus flavor thank you very much. Think thin sez I.

Moving on it wasn't long till I approached my destination of Beatty, just past the Junction of Highway 373. 

This also happens to be where some of the more creative Marketing 101 Nevada style billboards begin to appear. Free enterprise and all that...well, maybe not exactly free I suppose.

So being of the sort who can resist most sales pleas I continued riding the short distance into town where my usual haunt was waiting, Motel 6, home away from home. Just after checking in and during the unloading process a small group of stealth cars arrived and parked close to El Nino. 

This was my first encounter with cars in disguise livery so I snapped a few pics. One of the drivers happened by and I commented "I expect you guys are the subject of a lot of photos" to which he responded "Maybe so but they're not worth anything." I supposed he figured me as a Pavarotti hoping to make the big score of something. Managing to conceal my disappointment I continued clicking away.

Stealth Car Number one:

 Stealth car number two

Stealth car number three

So there you have it, look for these new beauties in your dealer's showrooms soon and you can say you saw them here first. Cool huh? That's what I thought too. Anyway now it's time to head to Denny's for my evening repast aka fat fix. 

See you soon. 


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