Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Mexico Day 01 - Oct 11 Klamath Falls

Hi All,

I'm in Klamath Falls tonight on my way back to Mexico where I'll "export" the Ninja back into the USA all legal and proper. If that goes as it should I may actually get a refund from the Mexican gument for the "import" duties I paid in the spring. We'll see...

Anyway here I be this morning setting out. Check out my new Harley Davidson eyewear...gawdawful looking things but they seem to work. Lost my Ray Bans dammit.

I ran into rain right away so was able to employ my big red thumb visor wiper. That thing's amazing, actually works. Wot? That ain't my thumb? Who sez? Who?

Nearly ran out of Benzino but made it to Wolf Creek in time. They have really great graffiti in the john but I didn't think to take my camera along.

Wolf Creek Tavern - old, cool, history, but I didn't go inside...

Circle of Wolves tourista trap...they weren't fast enough to get me. Or my money.

Dead (sleeping?) volcano along Highway 66 - riding eastward towards K-Falls

Riding through the mountains - heady pine scent - sunshine - no traffic -man oh man!

Approaching Klamath Falls late afternoon - good place to spend the night..which I did.

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