Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Mexico Day 02 - Oct 12 Winnemucca

Would you believe it, the temps around Klamath Falls were at freezing this morning? I piled on all my cold weather gear including the electric vest and Knox Cold Killer hood. What a wimp I'm becoming...

Getting into all the layers took a long time and when finished I looked like I'd gained back the 30 lbs I lost this past year. Good thing my jackets and pants are expandable. 

My goal today was to ride in an  easterly direction ending up at the Winnemucca Quality Inn. That would take me through Lake View and east on highway 140 through several national forests, and my favorite, the booming town of Adel. The weather was sunny bright and cold as hell but all my gear worked great and by noon I'd reached warmer climes and was able to shed most of it.

Looking east across the basin towards the mountain range I'd climb just before reaching Nevada. Yeah yeah, it's probably got a name but I didn't ask.

Climbing up takes you through a host of twisties designed for sport bikes and riders who are crazy if they ride fast. No guard rails whatsoever and sheer drops that guarantee no one will ever spot you if you take the plunge. I always ride slow up this road.

Once at the top it's a short ride to the Nevada state line

Gas was running low so I stopped at the old Adel pump where I'm always about to run out. I mentioned this to the girl who pumps gas and she smiled and nodded her head. I guess my worldliness has its limits when speaking to the younger generation...

While there I decided it was a good time to shuck all the extra heated gear as it was finally warming up. Just beyond the pumps a cattle car full of pissed off bovines was getting its share of new dents; the bulls weren't happy about waiting and were going at it butting heads. It made a helluva racket.

Alongside one of the buildings I spotted an old Kawasaki rat bike. Or Cafe Racer? Maybe it's a retired desert bike.

Once I was all gassed up I continued east on 140 to the Denio intersection. Lunch time was clanging my bell so I pulled into the Denio Cafe and gambling emporium to see what it's all about.

Seems like every time I pass by this place they're busy. Today was slow which was why I decided to give their food a try. There was even a shady spot right up front for El Nino.

Inside I admired the decor, especially all the Halloween fixin's. Nice. Sorry about the fuzziness...probably something to do with the camera. Or the tri-pod. Not me though.

Road food is always a challenge and since I'm watching my diet I went for the diet special hamburger-swiss-mushrooms item which included fries for your thighs. Tasty!

After consuming that monster I continued onto Winnemucca where I scored a lower floor room with a window looking right at the beastly bike El Nino.

For dinner I'm behaving; walked next door to the Sub-Way and picked up one of their gawdawful chicken/spinach salads. The poor kid who waited on me was nearly beside himself when I wouldn't let him add lettuce and peppers, etc. I tried to explain the idea was for the salad to include just the basic items, even pointed at the picture above his head but he was still unconvinced. Dealing with old geezers must be wonderful, eh?

Anyway that's the deal for today.



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