Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Mexico Day 04 - Oct 14 Oracle, AZ

I left my snug digs at the Beatty, NV Motel 6 fairly early, good weather again but nippy same as the previous couple of days. Today I'd be in AZ if I moved right along.

The lower nippy temps called for more cold weather gear, the kind designed to scare hell out of little kiddies. Halloween is early this year, right kiddies?

Riding fairly fast I made good time due to the 75 mph speed limits on most freeways. Saw some places with really intriguing this one. Excuse me? You're from where? Izzat in the US of A? I’d never have seen this town had it not been for making a wrong turn. The ride through the open countryside was great, just one of the fringe benefits of almost but now quite being lost. 

After touring Pahrump I soon realized I could make Oracle early enough to take my friends Mike & Lou Hatfield out for dinner. As it turned out the sun had just set when I arrived in their neighborhood and had it not been for the GPS I wouldn't have found their place. 

Lou had already started dinner by the time I got there so I not only had a great meal they had a clean comfy bed for me to crash in. Mike and I stayed up late yakking about scooters, then my systems started shutting down and I was done for the day. Man this sure beats the heck out of Motel 6!


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