Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Mexico Day 03 - Oct 13 Beatty, NV

Hiya People,

Before I begin today's ride report I need to explain why the heck I'm heading back to Mexico. Seems I didn't clarify that and a number of you have emailed asking about it.

When you go for an extended ride in Mexico they require that you "import" your bike for a given amount of time and when that's up you "export" your bike out of their country. The purpose of all this is to prevent gringos from leaving or selling their bikes without paying duties. They collect the duty when you sign up and give most of it back when you sign out. If  they don't hear from you by the end of your permit time they keep the money and place your name on a list of people who are never again allowed to bring another vehicle into their country. When I re-entered the US last spring I didn't check out with them but I have another few days to do so and that's what this is all about. Clear as mud?

So here's today's stuff, fairly straight forward riding,through miles and miles of desert and sage brush. It started out nippy but warmed up enough after awhile and I turned off the heated gear. I saw a nice herd of really big Antelopes but was going too fast to stop and get off a picture. They bolted as soon as they saw my gawd-awful Hi-Viz jacket.

When I don't know where I'm at I take a photo of the post office or road signs  

Luning is like a lot of small towns that aren't doing so well, busted and going downhill.
Most of the homes were pretty crude, I expect the folks who live in Luning are close to the edge.

Next stop was Schurz, another dismal little burg. Dammit these places are everywhere, all across America. We may be in trouble...

Like everywhere else in Schurz they were gearing up for the election. I can only imagine the mud fight that goes on when one of the candidates is named Wanker... Maybe you have to be British?

Moving right along to the last gas stop for awhile, I had lunch too...Snickers! Isn't their homemade sign great? Complete with red & blue flashing lights.

Also available for the discerning traveler passing through, the Minan Club. Nearly all the business's in the area are for sale. 

At Walker Lake there's a really big Army Depot plus it looked like there was also a reservation. Not certain about that last as I had to go and my attention was busy looking for a friendly bush. NV isn't big on public conveniences.

With camera in hand and trying to look inconspicuous while wearing a Hi-Viz yellow jacket I climbed over the guard rail and paused behind a big rock. Nice big rock. Also snapped another shot of the area around the lake. Photo Op and all that, eh?

I continued riding south out of the Walker Lake area on highway 95. I knew it was south. Right? Lots of military stuff going on around here. Best to keep moving along. South.

I saw a lot of this territory on two previous trips so didn't stop for many pictures. Gold City was just as I left it, dusty, old, interesting, and under the watchful eye of a local game warden who slowed to look me over really good. Never can tell, might have a buffalo stashed in my bags... Bet if I'd tried to take his picture I'd be sending this from the Homeland Security Office. 

That's all the pics for now. One thing I noticed, there seem to be a lot of brothels alongside the road now. In the past I never saw any but maybe since there's a few TV shows that highlight them they've put up new signs? Nope, I didn't pause for pics or any other reason...maybe on the way back. Photos that is. I'm heading to Beatty tonight.


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