Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and I'm bored...

Seems pretty quiet around the ranch today, herself & grandaughter are off visiting grandma for the Mother's Day thing so I'm left to my own devices. The dogs are doing ugly things to their beef bones and I thought El Nino could use a bit of scrubbing off since the Mexican bugs are deeper than deep.

Bug City - post Mexico
Clean again - Nice
Before starting out on this trip I figured I'd have to replace the tires at some point but didn't want to do it before hand, there was too much life left in them. In Mexico I checked the air pressure and examined the remaining tread and all appeared well, still had plenty of miles left.

Then when I arrived home and gave the beast a bath I discovered I'd been running on air for what looks like several hundred miles, at least on the rear tire. Luck comes to mind when I think about how far down the wear was but nothing happened and a new set is on it's way.
What tread?
I haven't opened up the air filter box yet as it's no easy matter but will do so in the next day or two. Given the many dusty areas I traveled through I'm expecting to find lots of Mexican dirt and grasshopper guts clogging the filter.

You know, this was the shortest summer tour I've taken, right at 5000 miles or around half of my usual distance so I'm feeling like I need to do the other half real soon. It won't be Mexico but I'll keep you posted as soon as I know something. I should mention there's another player waiting in the wings I haven't toured on yet and I'm anxious to try her out. She's a redhead with no name as of yet but that may change soon.

Not just another pretty face...
I picked her up in New York last fall, just in time for a hurried ride home over the Labor Day holiday, then it was back to work on a Portland project I was busy with. Other than that one longish ride I haven't spent much time with her but I know with her impeccable road manners she's going to be a great touring bike.

Film at eleven as they say.



  1. Damn, if that doesn't look just like mine. The guy who sold it to me said it was unique!

    its just rain

    1. Hey Garry!

      See you at Spearfish? I'm going, nothing like a good excuse to do a little touring.