Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 13 - Longish ride to Ensenada

Osmosis People,

Today's ride covered 613 kilometers, lots of twisties, plenty entertaining. Glad I'm not running knobby tires.

I'm just a little bit pooped tonight and since I've already done one post this evening I think I'll just put up the photos for today and not get into creative writing 101. The short version goes something like this:

I met a nice guy at breakfast who lives in Cabo and he told me his life story. He spoke Spanish and paid for my breakfast without my knowing it until it was time to leave. I like surpises like that.

The weather was cooler, cloudy at first so I wore my warm fleece jacket under the HiViz yellow thing. It really works great and I may have brought the electric vest along for nothing.

I bought gas from a guy way the hell out in the sticker bushes. I knew about this in advance and was glad he was around and had fuel; I was on fumes.

After gassing up I stopped to visit a defunct geodesic museum. It's open alright, open to the elements. Great cactus growing around the area though.

Further north the land began to show greenery, most welcome after all the desert. Lots of intensive agribiz in this area.

Four military check points today. That pretty well topped off my torture tank; they're still nice and polite so I guess I shouldn't crab. Wouldn't it be great to have one of these old signs for your yard or den? I suppose they'd get mad as hell if you took one.

I'm staying at the Joker Hotel in Ensenada tonight; the place is cheap and tacky. I like tacky. Restaurant next door belongs to them too, decent food. I was the last customer of the day and had the place to myself.

Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
 That'll do it, thenkuvermuch.


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