Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 09 - Long hot ride to Navojoa, Sonora

Today's ride down highway 15 may not look like much of a ride but the high cross winds and hot temps gave it character.

I guess I'll start off with a sour note tonight. I hate to crab but honestly I've never seen so much roadside litter in my life. What's with these people, hasn't anyone ever explained waste collection to them? Maybe they're used to seeing it but I find it highly unsettling and shameful. Wake up Mexico!
This is nasty and it goes on for miles

Heading south on highway 15

Boy what a long time I spent on the slab today. I’d set the GPS up for Los Mochis just because it’s on the coast and I’m ready for some ocean time. Tonight I’m almost there but decided to stop over in Navojoa since they have some nice hotels and it was getting late. The Fiesta Navojoa Hotel won the draw as they’re easy on the eye and reasonable in cost. The room itself is nicely appointed, everything seems to work, and at a price in the mid-60’s it’s hard to beat.

Filthy beast
Last night around midnight the cowboy upstairs came dragging in with some bimbo who turned out to be a screamer. Evidently she wanted her guy to think he was the world’s number one stud so she carried on non-stop for the better part of an hour. They finally stopped but after a rest break and just as I was falling asleep she started up again. I turned the room fan on full blast and it made just enough racket to drown her out.

On the road today there were a few really great photo ops but the road has absolutely no shoulder for parking and by the time I’d get turned around the Kodak Moment had passed. The first time a small herd of skinny cows had meandered out onto highway 15, the main drag south and a Mexican cowboy was rounding them up and herding them back into their grazing land. Then just a few miles further south a guy was chasing down a small herd of goats that had ventured onto the north lane. All of this brought back memories of chasing dairy cows that got out of our pasture and were wandering around on public roads. Fun stuff, very entertaining.
Around 1:30pm I stopped for a brief rest break at a truck stop and while there got in a few pets with the local black lab girl. She was as sweet as they come and was hitting on all the customers leaving the convenience store. I thought she liked me as she responded well to the pets I gave her but when I saddled up to leave she barked at me and chased me out of the parking area.

Later on as I was getting into the outskirts of Ciudad Obregon traffic came to a crawl, then a halt. Dozens of emergency vehicles were on the scene of what I first thought might be another drug related kill but it turned out to be an accident involving a delivery truck and a semi. The delivery truck was flat on its side and the semi was buried in the sagebrush in a ravine. At least 4 ambulances hauled people out so it was pretty serious.

Riding through Obregon I took a few pics of some old grain mill buildings. It always amazes me how many places like that are still around and in some cases they’re still being used.

This evening after putting El Nino to bed I walked the few blocks to the restaurant recommended by the desk clerk. It was a good call, I had their house specialty called the Aztec something-or-other and it turned out to be really good. Rice and beans on the side of a flank steak covered with gravy, exactly what my girlish figure needs.
That’s about it for today, my butt hurts so I’m going to get horizontal early tonight.
PS - Me brain's too frazlzzed to do any post editing so you'll just have to live with the errors...

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